Saturday, August 1, 2009

We are here! Or there, or wherever

Normally I don't post twice in a day, but since my first post was at 4:30am, this is like a whole different day.

I managed to get seen at the urgent care place, scored some antibiotics - although the "doctor" that I saw really wanted to talk me out of it and was suggesting I try a more homeopathic approach using a neti pot and nasal spray and I was seriously going to throw down with her and go find the other doctor who was there if she didn't hand over the script. Neti pot my ass - this is green and yellow snot we are talking about. There is no messing around now.

Then I managed to get the car packed and Cooper and drove to Maine. Bob is coming up on Monday. Ideally one does not try to make the drive I made on a Saturday afternoon, but we do what we have to. The traffic was a bit heavy so it took an hour longer than normal.

But we are here. Cooper went down to sleep relatively easily considering he announced that he was "ascared" when we approached the house which is what happened last year. But this time it was sunny and our friends were here. He LOVES John Hansen, who by his own admission takes a benevolent neglect approach to child care in general. But John is a train nut, and Cooper loves him some trains, so there is a connection. Tomorrow we will venture out to see the train again and take a ride and enjoy the day.

Now I must go take some Sudaphed. The computer connection is spotty around here so you may or may not hear from me while we are here. If not, see you on the flip side!

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Oz said...

Hope your health improves quickly, and that you have a lovely vacation!