Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aqua Boy

Have I mentioned Cooper likes the water?

Last weekend we had 7 kids and their various parents in our pool, and one of the kids had a kick board, and goggles. "BOGGLES" demanded Cooper. "SURFBOARD" announced Cooper. Fortunately CVS had all this stuff on sale 40% off. And it was originally around $2.99 to begin with so you do the math.

He is getting more confident in the pool. Which is a double edged sword. I think we will investigate, depending on the state of our finances, swimming lessons next year. He will be ready. And gymnastics. A few of the kids, boys and girls, in our neighborhood go and it seems to be a great way to burn off energy AND work on their muscular development and coordination.

But in more current news, our deck was in desperate need of being stained. Even Bob's mom commented on it. We have not done it since we moved in 4 years ago. I came home today to find most of it had been done. Go BOB! We went with a darker color than originally had been used and it is lovely.

At work I have decided that what people need to do BEFORE they walk in my office is to practice the WWMD method of problem solving: What Would MidLifeMama Do to solve X problem? Because I am up to HERE with people asking me dumbass questions because they are too lazy to think about it for 20 nanoseconds in order to figure out whether or not it would be the right thing to do to lock all of the file cabinets before we all leave the office to go to a meeting. No, they have to ask ME. Are you kidding me right now? We are all leaving the office. YES you lock the cabinets.

Siiiiiigh. That is just one sad example of what I spend my day thinking about. So from now on, WWMD should be the first thing that people ask themselves before they enter my inner sanctum. I am going to make some signs.


Anonymous said...

Oh do not get me going on this one!!!! It goes with the idea that I am the only one that knows how to call people that fix things around the house, etc. Just too tiring.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of goggle man!

witchypoo said...

I taught myself how to swim, and my younger son refused to take direction from the swimming instructor. As long as they don't mind getting their face in water, and can relax enough to float, you should be able to teach your child how to swim.