Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Updates etc...

So it is wicked hot here in Boston. Even with the air conditioner cranking in my office the temperature is still 77. I can hear the cicada's humming outside.

My mother-in-law was visiting, and Cooper secured his place in the will by being adorable and loving, giving copious amounts of kisses and hugs. She went home yesterday. She refuses to drive down here, although the drive from Lewiston ME is a straight shot to our neck of the woods. So we picked her up on the way back from vacation, and she returned home via the train.

The renegade parakeet is still here. He seems to be making friends with all the sparrows, but he has not left the area of our building. I think if I had the time to sit outside for a few hours, I could probably catch him. As it is I don't have that kind of time right now.

The auditors are here at work, performing their annual financial aid audit. It is always a fun time, having them evaluate how well we do our jobs. Fortunately this year we have a new firm and they seem to be on their game. I don't have to spend time educating them on the regulations, which often happens because they always seem to send a crew of newly hatched MBA grads and this is their first job. This firm handles it differently and this team actually knows financial aid.

Our neighbors are moving. They have twin four year old girls, and it has been great knowing them and having their mom, Rebecca, be a resource for all of my mom related questions. If it can be researched and analyzed, Rebecca has done it. When I was going to fly with Cooper for the first time, she had done all the research on car seats that are suitable for use in airplanes. The girls have always been obsessed with Bob. Where is Bob, what is Bob doing, why is Bob doing that? I don't know why, I think they like saying his name.

The people buying their house have a small baby, probably in the 5 months old range, and two dogs. Oh joy. That should make for much barking and mayhem with our three canine delinquents. Getting new neighbors, or being the new neighbors, can be such a crap shoot. Will they be noisy? Will they park a car on the front lawn, and put it up on blocks? It is not likely, but you just never know.

Our neighbors across the street have a 24 year old son living with them, who recently had taken to having a guys card night at the house. There are cars parked all over the place on the street, and bass music thumping out of the house. I wrote on facebook how I was very frustrated by this, and one of my facebook friends wrote that rather than be annoyed, I should try coordinating whatever activity I was involved in to the music, like dancing while dusting or singing along.

While that is a nice thought, the activity I was trying to engage in was SLEEPING. And singing along is not really possible when all you can hear is thumpitythumpbumpthump. But hopefully this will not be happening for awhile at that house, since it seems mom, who is around my age, just gave birth to a new baby. I am so not the person to judge THAT particular occurrence in any one's life having been an over 40 mom myself.

The only other thing I can think to mention at the moment is I would like to become fabulously wealthy, so that I wouldn't have to work for a living. It is not that I am adverse to working, but I am feeling burned out and wouldn't it be nice to be able to CHOOSE whether or not to work? But that is so unlikely...oh well. Back to the grind I guess.

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witchypoo said...

One parakeet is do-able. I have a flock of pigeons that have taken up residence on my roof. Pigeon guano, anyone?