Thursday, August 6, 2009

And we are back

Well, we made it to Friendship, and had a lovely time. Most of the time I didn't have reliable internet access. Thus the lack of posting.

However, there was much fun to be had. We went on a train ride.

This is the same train we rode on last year, and Cooper LOVES it. He got to ride in the engine this year. So did I for that matter. The guys who work on this train are all volunteers, but boy do they put the "enthuse" in "enthusiasm". They take it seriously.

Bob joined us on Monday. On Tuesday we went into Camden, where I ran into someone who works in our admissions office. Ah love being on vacation and running into coworkers.

On Wednesday we went to Owls Head Lighthouse. It is considered one of the most picturesque lighthouses in New England. Of course I forgot our camera, so no pictures.

In between we explored the cove, spending time at the "beach" which is less sand and more rocks but the water is shallow and great for exploring. We found hermit crabs, other little crabs, some shrimpy things and lots of shells.

As usual our time there went too quickly. I love spending time with my friends, John and Virginia, and their extended family. It is such a beautiful place and allows us to disconnect.

On the way home today, Bob picked up his mother, so she is visiting with us for a few days. Cooper warmed up to her right away and was laughing up a storm. He managed to win over pretty much everyone he came in contact with this week. And he slept like a champ in a grown up bed!! There was a bed rail, but I was really worried he would not embrace falling asleep in this strange place. He was fine.

My sinus infection is mostly gone - I am not spending too much time trying to cough out my appendix these days.

Now I have to play catch up with my email. Apparently because I wasn't reading it frequently it hit the limit and began bouncing mail. Wheee. Wonder what I missed.

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Dproudmama said...

Sounds so perfect. Fond memories galore.