Thursday, August 13, 2009

RIP Budgie P. Budgerton

Well, I am sad to share that Budgie P. Budgerton, rogue parakeet of Potter Hall, was found feet up this morning, on the sidewalk near the back door to my office. Cause of death is unknown, but there will be no formal inquest or autopsy. If we can lay our hands on a shovel we will have a memorial service for him.

God speed BPB on your travels to the great aviary in the sky.

One of my coworkers thinks he pulled a Janice Joplin - living fast and furious and burning out young. I like to think he enjoyed his little taste of freedom and of being one of the wild bunch.

In other news, Bob and I were sitting on the deck last night and noticed a very large spider web, with a significantly sized spider in the middle of it. I startled it, so it ran up and hid under the edge of a planter the web was attached to. Then I found a small bit of leaf and managed to get it to stick to the web. As we sat there the spider came down, checked out the bit of trash in its web, and proceeded to remove it from the web, and drop it to the ground. Who knew spiders were so tidy?

At least now I can get back to working and not obsessing on how to catch a parakeet. I don't know what we would have done with it if we had caught it anyway. But I will miss his little blue self flitting by my office window.


witchypoo said...

Budgie, we hardly knew ye.
In spider-related news, there was one so big scurrying across my floor, I thought at first it was a mouse. I don't dare tell anyone on my blog, because I have a visitor who reads, and is arachniphobic.

Chip said...

The boy cat has taken to catching spiders of significant size and bringing them in with him to play with. I suppose he may eat them eventually, but NO way am I risking these critters getting away. He also likes moths as snacks.

Poor BPB... perhaps this was his bucketlist moment: escape this hell hole, find unsuspecting sparrow or chickadee to have unrestrained birdy fling with, cash in chips.

Dproudmama said...

Science and nature mammas, good stuff.
We have bumble bees that dig holes the size of their bodies in the ground and do something mysterious while in there then fly off not to return to that hole. Yes, bumbles - not yellow jackets. Friendly, not aggressive. gladly, we have slowed the flow of sugar ants. Ugh.

Audubon Ron said...

Oh, I'm devistateed.