Friday, March 13, 2009

On cry babies and aging parents

I got home today to hear that Bob's mother was in the hospital. She fell down today and broke her leg. She lives in Maine, near her daughter and grown grandchildren so she has people there with her now. Bob will be going up this weekend to check out the situation. She has been having problems with tripping and falling lately. She has been complaining about being in pain in her hips and back, and the doctors had diagnosed the problem as arthritis and spinal stenosis. This accident is awful but not a complete surprise.

She is not the cry baby I am referring to. My child is. He has of late taken to crying when he doesn't get his way. Full on crying, giant tears and hand to his mouth crying. We have become immune to his wiley ways but that doesn't seem to deter him. He actually practices crying in the mirror. I have mentioned this before. He loves to watch himself do things in the mirror, like fall down. The teachers at school have mentioned that he will watch himself cry in the mirror there too. GREAT. THAT is the reputation he needs.

The crying is relatively shortlived because his father and I don't get swayed by it, but it is still rather annoying and slightly embarrassing in public.

However, he does make up for torturing his parents this way by being funny.

Cooper loves to ask for "eyes" when he sees Bob wearing his glasses. So I let him use a pair of glasses that have no lenses in them I have. And he was totally into wearing his hat and sunglasses the other day. He really is a funny kid.

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Anonymous said...

Dude,love the shades.

Royce Cutlass