Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Digby and his dads

I was downloading pictures from our camera, and found one or two left over from our honeymoon, which was a little over 3 years ago. We went to this FABULOUS place, spending more on this one vacation than I think either of us has spent on all of our vacations in our entire lives, combined. We went to Caneel Bay which a resort on the island of Saint John.

We were there for a week. We sat on this beach

and saw this view from our room

and saw these guys around the resort

and swam in this water

and met this guy while snorkling.

But possibly the most entertaining part of our honeymoon was Digby and his dads.

We first became aware of the two gay guys and Digby while sitting on the beach. The CGGs came through the trees and arranged themselves on some chairs, one adult sized one for each of them, and one kid sized one for The Doll. The doll was one of those lifelike ones, like the one that danced on those Ally McBeal episodes. At first I thought I would eventually see a child, since the guys were carrying this doll around. But no child appeared. The two guys did stop a woman walking on the beach and asked her to take a picture of them in the surf with the doll. Eventually we began seeing these guys, and the doll, everywhere. We would see them at meals, especially dinner, dressed exactly alike, with the doll, dressed in a little tiny outfit exactly like their own. They would sit the doll on the table, and put a plate in front of it, putting food on it and then one of them would eat the food like the doll ate it. One night we were eating near them, and one of the guys left the table, and the other sat there having an entire conversation with the doll, "feeding" it and then pocketing the mussel shells that were left over from the doll "eating." It was all very surreal. I was facing them, and could barely contain myself. These guys would get bottled water delivered to the table like it was champagne. One day I watched one of them pocket a handful of lemons from the breakfast buffet.

Over the week we saw them often, and finally one night, as we were leaving the computer room (this resort has no TV, telephone or computer access in the rooms) and we came face to face with the CGGs, and one of them was carrying the doll. Up to this point Bob had been preventing me from introducing myself to the guys and getting the full story. "Puuleeeease let me meet the crazy gay guys and find out what the deal with the doll is" I would plead. "Stay away from the crazy gay guys" Bob would say. But as we were leaving the computer room, through a door that only one person at a time could pass, I was face to face with one CGG carrying a doll. A doll dressed in exactly the same clothing as the CGG. The doll even had a tiny doll watch that looked just like the one on the guy. Not even Bob could stop the encounter. "Hellooooo" says me. "Who is your friend" asks me. "Digby" says CGG. "He is dressed exactly like you guys" says me, in a dazzling display of grasping the obvious. "Yes, they are by an Italian designer" says CGG. "He even has a watch exactly like yours" says me. "YES!" says CGG with a big smile. At this point I became aware of a gentle but insistent pushing against my back. BOB. He was PUSHING me out of the room, and away from the CGG and doll. GAH. I bid the two crazy gay guys and Digby (because now we were on a first name basis) good night and went on my way.

We left a day or so later and I was unable to find out anything more. For all I know they were two very wealthy gay guys with nothing better to do than mess with the heads of their fellow vacationers and brought that doll along just for fun. Or they really were crazy, and were treating this doll like a human child. I will never know, but every so often we see a lifelike doll, and both of us will say "DIGBY!" and wonder what has become of him and his crazy gay guy fathers.

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Chip said...
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Chip said...

A) groovy on the embedded linkage goodness... um, how?

B) AAAAHG! You told me that story before and it's the treating the doll "as if" part that gives me the willies sumpthin fierce. I can kind of see a why; two guys unable to have their own child decide to imbue a facsimile with the persona of their would-be child... yeah, can understand it, but still find it creepy. And it's got nothing to do with sexuality mind you. I'd find a hetero couple who did that to be more creepifying actually. Ooo... cuz then there'd be some tragic story behind an elderly couple's long lost child and how they've carried this doll around ever since. And they had the ceramic for the head made from the ashes.... eeeeeew!

Anonymous said...

I could go a lot of comments here, but don't make me. Lovely pics IS all I have t say. I am reformed.

witchypoo said...

Ummm...never say witchypoo without a link ;)
I loved the story of Digby, but wish Bob had let you find out more.

Oz said...

That sounds like the best vacation ever. Gorgeous beaches and crazy people to talk about.