Monday, March 23, 2009

Because he is freaking awesome

I decided to try to get some pictures of Cooper yesterday on our millionth outing to the backyard and the sandbox. He is still not old enough and wise enough to venture into the backyard solo, and be trusted not to walk out onto the pool cover. THAT would be bad. It would support him, it is one of those that is supposed to support an elephant, if I had an elephant that could get through the gate and into my backyard that is. The dogs get out there on it, as evidenced by the dregs of ick that was left behind after the snow melted. But Cooper would likely drown in the three inches of water he would end up in if he went out there. At the very least he would be very cold and sad and would not realize he could walk or crawl back off the cover, requiring one of us to go out there and get him, and then we would all be sad and cold. So we go out to the yard together. So far he seems to get that the pool is off limits. But I am not taking any chances.

Here are some of the shots I took. He is awesome. I got him to look at me finally by asking him to give me a dissertation on what sounds certain animals make. And then he graced me with his professional head shot pose. Seriously, he might have a career.

And this one is for Royce Cutlass. Cooper is applying for a position on the Nova Kane.


Anonymous said...

Yes, one can see he is a beautiful and wise child.

Oz said...

Maybe it's the coat - the shots have a very future Top Gun look to me. Awesome, indeed.