Monday, March 2, 2009

Not much to is snowing...again.

I haven't much to contribute today to the interweb discussions. It is snowing here. There is another 12 inches or so on the ground. I am not going to post more pictures of snow. I am going to post pictures from this summer when we were in Maine and it was warm and sunny and there was fruit on the trees and flowers in the fields. Even if it IS slightly out of focus fruit. Just to remind myself that it will be warm and sunny and fruity and flowery again. Someday.

We have a snowday today, so Cooper and the Bob and I have been enjoying more of each other's company. To say that I.LOVE.NAPTIME is putting it mildly. Understating the fact entirely. It will be over soon. It has been three hours now. So more coffee has been brewed. Winnie the Pooh is cued up on the VCR (it is the only Pooh video we have!!) since that is keeping a certain little someone occupied happily today and we shall weather the weather.

The only other news of note is our driveway has finally been fully repaired. They dug it up a bit more and leveled it and paved it and now it no longer looks like a hastily dug grave is in the middle of it.

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Audubon Ron said...

Oh heavens, what great pics. Love them.