Friday, March 6, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

*Another blaze of color to remind us what is in store in the not so distant future as spring creeps closer and closer.

* I am currently avoiding writing up an outline to a presentation I am doing at 11am this morning for the Admissions staff. It is currently 9:17am. Ahem. I should get crackalackin.

* My kid might be headed for a career in music or showbiz or both. He loves Jack's Big Music Show - which by the way is no longer being made...Hello Jim Henson Puppet people. Could you get back to making it again? It is GENIUS. I digress. There is this quartet of muppets called the Schwartzman Quartet. Whenever they are going to come into the club house, they ring the doorbell, and Jack and Mary sing "Whoooo is iiiiit" and they come in and hum one note "Hmmmm" before singing. Recently I discovered if I am in the bathroom with the door closed as I am wont to do, and Cooper knocks, if I sing "Whoooo is it" he will say "Hmmmmm. Tet." Meaning the quartet. It cracks me up every time.

* I have discovered that I went to the same high school as Patricia Heaton, who used to be Ray's wife on Everybody Loves Raymond. She graduated a year or two ahead of when I arrived at high school, so there was no overlap. Her dad was a big wig with the Plain Dealer.

*Another dude I went to HS with was in a semi famous band - Stabbing Westward. I don't think they are together any longer. But Bob knew the band as soon as I said the name. Not my kind of music. Now he is the owner of Sellers Markets, a chain of restaurants in CA that is focused on sustainability and using locally grown produce. Cool.

*I just found another friend on Facebook I haven't talked to in a million years and it is a blast to find Jean again.

*I love my shiny new president and all his positive mojo, but he has come up with a proposal for his budget that will bring wreck and ruin to the student loan industry. Chaos and mayhem will ensue. I truly hope as the budget negotiations continue that sanity will weigh in and the smoke and mirrors will be revealed for what they are, SMOKE AND MIRRORS. Sigh.

Now I really do need to go write that outline. Happy Friday everyone! Tomorrow it is haircuts for Mom and the Coop! We know how to rock the weekend, yes we do.

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