Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random acts of hula hooping

The Bob, Cooper and I, went out this weekend for ice cream at the Dairy Joy in Weston MA. This is very expensive ice cream. Although they do give you MONSTER helpings, it is soft serve and it began melting before I had even paid for it. Next time I get a hankerin' for ice cream we will find somewhere else to go.

I digress. After we left the Dairy Joy, we went on "an adventure ride" as my mother used to call them. The Bob decided to just drive west on Rt. 117 until such time as he decided we would either turn around or go somewhere else. We discovered we live very close to a state park, where one can put a kayak into the Sudbury River, which is cool because we have two kayaks that have not been used in two summers as I was preggers for one of them (you try to get in and out of a kayak pregnant without falling in) and then we had this infant who seemed to suck all of our time and attention away last summer. We might figure out how to get them into the water this year.

Then we happened upon the Bob's version of Mecca - Dunkin Donuts. So we pulled in and the Coop and I stayed in the car while he went in for his fix, I mean our coffee. As we sat in the car, we were facing the road, and across the road was a gas station. An older style station, with only two pumps and someone pumps the gas for you. There was a young woman in perhaps her late teens or early 20s standing in front of the pumps, barefoot, in a sun dress that covered a bathing suit. She was talking on a cell phone. There was a hula hoop leaning up against one of the pumps. I sat there, puzzling through what in the world she was doing at the station, when she proceeded to hang up the phone, pick up her hula hoop, and hula. And hoop. Right there, barefoot in a barely covered up bathing suit at the corner of Rt. 117 and Concord Rd. in what was probably Lexington MA at that point, hula hooping. Then she put it down, and wandered into the station. A minute later a car pulled in and lo and behold, hula girl comes out to fill the tank. She WORKS there. Bare feet and hula hoop and all, she is a pump jockey.

I don't know why, but this made me extraordinarily happy.


Audubon Ron said...

Pregnant in a kayak? Whoa, you are adventuresome.

mkosboth said...

Not more than once I wasn't!