Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rocking out

Because I love my husband, we went to a concert, on a school night. Ugh. If I go to bed later than 10pm I am almost useless the next day. But the Bob wanted to see John Mellancamp so we went to his concert last night.

First of all he was playing at the Bank of America pavilion in downtown Boston, which is a great venue. Easy to get to, lots of parking although you have to pay, but it is only $10. Easy to get out of after the concert. It is also a sort of outdoor venue, so you get to view the waterfront of Boston down the street from the World Trade Center and Seaport hotel. When the concert is over, unlike some other venues in Boston, you do not have to exit several hundred or thousand people through one small, birth canal like entrance, but you all exit out several gates onto an open street. There is one theater in downtown Boston, the Orpheum, that makes me VERY uncomfortable when entering or exiting. Everyone has to go down steps to the bottom of the theater where you all cram into this small space and pop out on the other end like you have gone through being born again, with several hundred of your closest friends.

Anyway, the concert was excellent, if you like Mellancamp's music. He is like this aging leprachaun. He doesn't seem to really change, but he is getting older like the rest of us.

What was disturbing, to someone who is as noise and sound sensitive as I am, is the number of small children, and I mean toddler sized children, that were at the concert. I could barely hear after it was over, what are they doing at this concert? Since the sound is not just an auditory experience but a full on body pulsing with the sound experience, I am surprised their little bodies weren't reduced to liquid from the music. I may be just an old fashioned gal, but it seems wrong for kids that age to be at that kind of concert. However, it was fun to see Mellancamp's 14 year old son play with the band during the encore. It was kind of a family oriented concert.

Beyond that it was vastly entertaining to people watch. He appeals to a very broad spectrum of people. From the middle aged people who have grown older with him to the bikers to the crazy drunk dancing women out on the town, it was all fascinating.

Cooper stayed home with his babysitter, one of the teachers from his school, and he was fine. He even slept late this morning, just for mommy.


Oz said...

Clearly Cooper is a brilliant child - he sensed exactly when you needed him to sleep late.

mkosboth said...

Bob calls him a Super Genius.