Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tales from the end of the Oregon Trail

My parents used to live in Oregon City, OR, which is deemed the official end of the Oregon Trail. They have commemorated it by creating a tourist center, with three large, building sized covered wagons that you walk through and see information about Lewis and Clarke and their adventures. VERY exciting.

They now live in Salem, OR, two blocks from my brother and his family. Salem is the state capital, but you would never know except for the capital building with the golden dude on top. Portland gets all the press and no one pays any attention to Salem.

Anyway, now that you have had your geography/civics lesson, on to how things are now that I am back. I have discovered that some time during my absence, my child decided he would no longer go to bed like a little sleeping god, laying down and simply going to sleep, around 7:30pm. No, he decided he would stay up, until he fell asleep on the couch with his dad. And guess who let him - hint - it was his dad. I don't know if this began because I was away, or if it would have happened anyway, like some sort of cosmic joke phase of toddlerhood, but I am NOT HAPPY about it. He is only 20 months old. I am thinking that staying up til 9pm is probably not advisable. But so far, even now that I am home, if we try to put him to bed around 7:30 or 8pm total screaming and crying occurs. I am generally not timid about letting a kid cry it out, but this is all out screaming. For as long as it takes to wear down the parents. I am probably going to have to try to stick it out longer than 10 minutes and see what happens. But seriously, leave the man in charge for a week and all heck breaks out.

Oh yeah, on the plane between Denver and Boston, I sat next to a dude who picked his nose the whole way. AAAAAGGGGHHHHHH. That is all I can say about that.

The only other thing that is of note is that I cannot get the water in our pool to clear up. I have not swum in it yet. It is a milky green color and will not get clear. It should be clear and blue-ish. I may have to call in a professional. It is killing me to have 90 degree weather and in ground pool I am not using. AAAGGGHH again.

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Oz said...

I loved that Oregon Trail game, even though I always ended up starving or getting influenza. Good times.

I'm so sorry you were next to a nose picker. I, too, sat next to someone who was pretty free and easy with his boogers on my last flight, but it was my baby boy, so I cut him some slack.