Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blogging moment of crisis

Once upon a time, before I was enlightened, I kind of mocked blogs. I thought they were public diaries, journals that pre-internet you would only have read if you broke into some one's bedroom and found their personal stash of their inner most thoughts and feelings. I am NOT a person who has ever enjoyed journaling or writing in a diary for the sake of recording my own thoughts. As a teenager I was given a diary here or a journal there, and while I am completely addicted to the physical item itself, with all the pristine, unadorned pages and beautiful covers, I HATE writing in them. When I did attempt to write in them, I hated my penmanship, then I hated what I had written when I reread it a week or month or year later. WHAT DRIVEL, how pathetic I was thinking I was in love with that boy or wanting that thing I didn't get for my birthday or whatever. I thought blogs were just an invitation to have other people read that same drivel.

Then a friend started a blog because she and her family, including her twin daughters, moved to Switzerland for a year, and blogging was an easy way for her to keep all of us left stateside up to date without writing four hundred emails. This seemed like a good reason to blog. I started this blog mostly because my side of the family lives 3000 miles away and I thought that it was a great way to make my life with Cooper and the Bob etc. available to my family. This might save on all that uploading and emailing pictures to them, I thought. Nevermind that my family looked at the blog once or twice and then promptly forgot the URL or that it even exits.

Then I began reading other blogs. Great blogs. Mostly 'mommy blogs' with a few written by men or non mommy women thrown in. But the mommy blogs are the ones that grabbed my attention, and drew me in. I found BlogHer, which led to more blogs. Seriously, you could spend all freaking day reading blogs.

I found REALLY GOOD writers out there. And amazingly, people making a living blogging. There is a lot about blogging I don't know. I don't know how to make it look fancy like Mr. Lady at or how to even embed that link so it is hyperlink.

Then I began reading the reports back from the BlogHer conference. And supposedly there are 35 million mommy bloggers. 35 MILLION. I suddenly feel so inadequate. I do. I am not normally a competitive person. You say "I dare you to do ___" and I say "See ya". I don't usually feel the need for external approval and am quite comfortable with who I have become in my life. And this crisis of blogging isn't really about approval, external or otherwise. I think it is about doing this the best I can. And I don't even know where to start to improve my blog. I want a fancy masthead! More pizazz on the page. I don't have a clue how one Twitters or if I even want to. I am not on facebook or myspace or any of those social networks. I don't have time. Especially since my child has decided that going to bed before 8:30 is for babies.

So I am just having a moment. I feel on the cusp of either being mediocre or getting better at this. And I hate that place. If anyone is reading this blog, and I wouldn't even know that because I don't think my sitemeter thingy is tracking anything, but if anyone DOES read this and has any suggestions about resources I could go to on how to do this better, I would appreciate the feedback.


Liz said...

Hi! Two resources I have found helpful are (they have just started a regular feature where a techy-type will answer questions about blogs) and (different topics every day, some about writing and some about blog design and the more technical stuff).

To make a hyperlink, when you are writing a post highlight the words that you want to make the link with, then click the icon that looks like a world with the link of a chain (in the bar at the top of the posting area, with all the formatting icons). You'll get a popup box, type the link address into the appropriate space, and then you're all set! You'll know it's done because the text you highlighted will be formatted like a link.

Hope that helps!

Huckdoll said...

Please feel free to email me if you'd like to chat about blogging, I'd be glad to give you the 411 on anything and everything.

I'm not sure if it was you who stopped by by blog today, but thank you! I appreciate your comment very much :)

~ Huckdoll