Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's like...nature man.

The other day I was sitting on our deck when I watched a robin go flitting by and land in a bush on the side of our house. I went inside to the window and sure enough, there was a nest! I don't know if this is mom or dad, but he or she was checking me out checking him or her out. We have a pretty good vantage point, so I think we will be able to see the babies when they hatch. COOL. Cooper may not totally get what he is seeing but it will be fun to document.

The other picture was a random shot I took of him the other day, chilling on the couch watching one of his shows. We are not an anti-TV family. I watched TV growing up and managed to become a productive, tax paying, law abiding, creative and contributing member of society with an IQ above the average bear. We will of course keep tabs on what he watches over time, but I don't think it is realistic or necessary to ban it from his or our lives.

My child, literally the easiest kid to put to bed EVER has decided this week he will fight going to bed or taking a nap. Out of the blue. He is tired, and he knows it. If you ask him if he is ready to go to bed he says yes, gets off the couch and heads to the stairs. But once the diaper has been changed and the PJ's are on, he wraps his arms and legs around me like a boa constrictor and cries if I try to put him in his crib. Today for his nap I held him for just a bit, not even a minute, and hummed to him, and he seemed to decide that was good, and went down without a fuss. Perhaps it is just a phase but it is startling. He has always been so good about bed time or nap time and I have thanked all the gods and goddesses for it. So I hope it is a phase. Like the crying for no reason business too - we were in Target today and I was trying to get him some new shoes. "Shuzzz" in Cooper talk. He lost it. Wanted nothing to do with it. "Why is he crying" asked a little girl walking by. Good question. I don't know. I think he was tired and not in the mood. I know the feeling. At times I do wish it was socially acceptable to throw a tantrum wherever and whenever I wanted. Like if my boss asked for a report, and I am tired and cranky from answering the same question 12 times on the phone with crazy parents and I don't want to run the report - I would stamp my feet, put my head down on my desk, pound said desk with my fists while wailing "nononononononooooooooooooo I don't want to do a report and you can't make me". Or I would lay down on the floor of my office and roll back and forth and whine, then take a nap. Ah that would be good.

Well, as the Bob says, we have had a very easy time of it with Cooper, so if he wants to throw a tantrum once or twice, we can deal with it.

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Susie said...

Hey -- I think we is in the same boat! Hugo is also suddenly nap adverse and had one before-bed melt down. And the tantrum thing too. My 100% easy baby is becoming a real baby. I think it's also to do with teeth coming in but it's also a terrible joke in that once you finally nail a stage, its over. Phoo! Does Cooper have new choppers coming in?