Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hooraaaaaay for green beans and peas and mama's pasta

In a previous post I was lamenting the fact that Cooper has been slow to transition to real grown up people food. I see other little people in his age group eating all sorts of yummy food, and Cooper still resists new food. Well, we have seen some small but significant changes in that department.

First was pasta cooked by MOI. Not pasta out of a Graduates tub, but rigatoni with honest to goodness (from a jar) sauce. He has reliably eaten it more than three times now in the last few weeks. The fact he eats it without a fuss makes me happy beyond description. It reminds me how stressed I feel that he is not going to eat enough to grow and be healthy. Not that I should really be worried about that - the stuff he will eat is good stuff like yogurt and fruit and cheese. I know vegetarians who call that dinner.

Tonight he ate VEGETABLES. One of his teachers told me he ate a pea at lunch that escaped from one of his classmates' lunch. So I decided to introduce some peas, green beans and corn. The corn he didn't like, but he chowed down on the peas and beans. And last night he ate TOMATOES. I literally did a jig. He still refuses most bread, which I think is weird, but I guess he doesn't need the carb addiction yet.

So as crazy as it makes me some days when he just wipes all the food off his tray and onto the floor for the canine cleaning crew waiting below like piranah in the Amazon, I will continue trying new food and will trust that as he gets older and smarter, he will get bored with the old stuff and be willing to try new stuff.

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