Sunday, May 4, 2008

The final act...

Well, here is an example of the switchplates that arrived in the mail - I have to say I was very impressed with both the quality and speed with which they arrived - I can highly recommend as a resource. These are solid metal, no messing around with plastic here. I had to take the picture on an angle because of the glare from the flash.

I had to resolve a problem that was left behind by the tile guy - the glass tile is hard to cut, and his cuts at the top of this wall, just under the fan over the stove were awful. So I came up with a plan to put in a second course over the top of the badly cut tile, and after grouting that and regrouting the whole wall, I think it looks fabulous. I have done tile work before, and in hindsight should have tried to do the whole job myself. Next time I probably will. I am very happy now with the how the tile turned out.

And finally, a picture of this beautiful flowering tree in our back yard. It almost looks like it has snowed, it is so full of flowers. Cooper is going to inherit the turtle sandbox you can see just to the left edge of the picture. Our neighbors have two boys, and their grandfather is going to build them a bigger sandbox. So they have offered to give the other one to us. Yippee! Of course we have had rain for a week now since they told us that. Sandboxes and rain don't go together.

And I am pretty sure that Cooper said "Please" today when he saw me with Goldfish crackers and wanted some. Very impressive. In addition to that he has become the master of getting on and off the couch. This is causing me some anxiety as I wait for him to launch himself over the back and onto the hardwood floor. The couches are not against a wall, so it is just a matter of time I think. I would rather not have to go to the emergency room for stitches. Agh.

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Susie said...

I have switchplate, splashback and flowering tree envy! All great. And yeah, remember when they stayed in one place? Still, it's nice not worrying about him falling off the bed now as they are kind of masters of their own destinies.