Sunday, May 11, 2008

How I spent Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. I got to sleep in - that meant I didn't get up at 5am when the Coop did. I got to sleep until 7am! Jackpot. Then we went out to breakfast at this place our neighbors told us about that is really kid friendly. They have menus, crayons and a kid seat ready when you get to the hostess desk if they see you coming in from the parking lot. Even if you take them by surprise, they are FAST with all of that. They serve coffee IMMEDIATELY to the grown ups, and have several options that Cooper will actually eat on the menu. We fall back on either muffins or fruit. For those who eat more than 5 foods, there are MANY tasty options. The Bob had something called Stuffed Frenchtoast. It was this diabetic coma waiting to happen concoction of bread with apples and strawberries in the middle, all dipped in egg and fried. I had eggs over easy with toast and homefries. And coffee.

I don't think I mentioned that a week ago or so the Bob discovered that for something like two weeks he and I had been drinking decaf by mistake. The stupid Dunkin Donuts bags at Costco look too similar for frazzled parents with a child who is reaching for everything he can get his hands on to distinguish in the three nanoseconds you have to get coffee and keep moving. It is also in the worst possible spot in Costco. That spot is the nexus of all insanity in Costco. It is where the fresh fruit and veggies, cheese, frozen food, the evil rotisserie chickens and most of the freebies they hand out come together. It is the Piccadilly Circus of Costco. You have to jump into the moving traffic, timing your entrance just right or you risk causing injury to yourself and 12 other people. You have to exit in a similar fashion, matching your speed to those around you and use the momentum to swing you out of orbit and into the safety of the paper goods isle.

Anyway, because the coffee is right on the cusp of this galaxy of insanity, and you have to grab your bag just as you are entering the vortex. So we grabbed the wrong kind. It makes sense now that I think back on those two weekends where we had been drinking decaf unawares. I could barely keep my eyes open. I felt like I was moving through jello. I admit it. I am a caffeine junkie. Addict. That is me. We are a nation of addicts. Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks count on it. And I gladly let them be my dealers.

The other thing I did today was put together the little adirondack chair and matching table we got on Ebay for Cooper. See photographic evidence above. He has been jonesing to get into the adult versions we have, so this has made him pretty happy. He has an odd way of getting into it, even though it is his size, and that is to face it, climb into it on his knees and then try to turn around. We will have to work on his technique.

He also finally got his hand me down turtle sandbox. The Bob bought new sand and Cooper is a very happy sandboxing fool.

All in all it was a very nice Mother's Day. I never expected to be a mom, and Mother's Day was always that day I acknowledged my mom, but didn't think I would be the one getting the kudos. It is kind of cool, I have to say. And I dig being a mom :)


Oz said...

I still climb on to counters using the method Cooper uses to get in his chair. Some of us never learn.

Sleeping in for an extra two hours is heavenly, isn't it? I got an extra hour this morning and I was delighted.

mkosboth said...