Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why I don't Twitter, again.

Apparently if you Twitter, you are supposed to be interesting and amusing and engaging at all times. So says a blog I read the other day. The blog is one that is in my blogroll, that is about as far as I will go identifying him because the post kind of pissed me off. He is a good writer, and is as far as I can tell a very intelligent person, but he can be a bit of an ass too. The post about Twitter was a good example.

He began by saying that if all you have to say to the world is "Hi Twitter" and "Time for my shower" you should buy a cat and name it Twitter and tell the cat. Don't bug the rest of the internet/Twitterdom with your boring life. And I will agree with him. I can't imagine anyone caring if I am drinking coffee right now or picking my nose. And I don't want to know if anyone whose Tweets I am following is doing those things either.

But then he went on to say the point of Twitter is like being at a party. Your goal is to be the most fascinating and entertaining and popular person at the party. Not the dude sitting in the corner who can tell you everything about his Dungeon and Dragons character.

Hm. First of all, it is never my goal at a party to be the most fascinating and entertaining and popular person. In fact, not only do I not want to be that person, I go to great lengths to avoid that person. That person is TRYING TOO HARD. And I have not usually been the person who is seeking my validation externally. I am fairly confident and well adjusted and don't need other people to cast their approval upon me, via Twitter or any other medium. I don't make a living as a public persona either. When I go to parties it is usually to catch up with friends, enjoy some good food, good company and relax.

Twitter is not providing any of those things. No food, no quality conversation, no relaxation and if there are all these expectations that I will be fascinating and riveting, it is just too much work.

And finally, that dude who plays Dungeon and Dragons? Some of my best friends in high school and college. I HEART geeks. They keep the world running.


Anonymous said...

And the last of the co-creators of D&D died this week. He wanted people to have fun said his daughter. I would imagine TWITTER is just "noise". People seem afraid to become disconnected.

Mr Lady said...

I gotta say that I totally agree with you. Not that I don't use Twitter; I do, but I don't always and I'm never interesting. And I'm allergic to cats, so there's that.

Oh, and if someone's talking smack about my 12 sided die, I'll have his kneecaps. :)

Audubon Ron said...

Honey, I finally had to admit that there are some places I really don't need to be, Twitter is one of them.

Chip said...

Twitter, created by uber-geeks, in a convoluted and brilliant revenge on the idjits who think they are so interesting that all their inner dialogue must be shared... much like the shiny happy people in high school.

"Look, we managed to convince them they are center of the universe! And we're making MONEY off of it! SWEET!"