Thursday, April 16, 2009

The week is almost over...

Another ridiculously busy week is almost at an end. I am taking tomorrow off, and because I work at a college on the Boston Marathon route, we don't have school on Monday. Whoohoo!

This week we watched Dancing with the Stars and Steve O and his dancing partner were eliminated. Steve O is "famous" for being one of the Jack Ass guys. If you can be famous for lighting yourself on fire while jumping off a cliff into a pile of poop. Or something equally stupid. Anyway, Bob was sad they were eliminated. I asked if it was because he liked Lacey, the professional dance partner. "Um, she is wearing her UNDERWEAR." Which of course explains why Bob tolerates watching this show at all. Professional ballroom dancing mavens in skimpy outfits doing the rumba.

In other news, Cooper spent the ride to school today pretend sneezing. "Aaaah, aaaaah, aaaaah CHOO!" and then hysterically laughing. That's entertainment.

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Anonymous said...

It will be so amazing to see what Cooper does with this talent for practicing. What prompts the idea in his head to do this? Do most kids do this and no one pays attention? Happy Day off.