Friday, April 24, 2009

What clock are you on?

Two days ago I had a chance to speak to my mother who shared a story in which a certain neice of mine was late for school because she fell asleep again after taking a shower and no one in her house checked on her or woke her up again.

The rest of the story is inconsequential. The funny part of this is Bob's reaction to that part of the story. Since hearing it, randomly out of nowhere Bob will say "I am sorry, but I don't understand how that happens" or "How do you do that? How do you get up, take a shower and then go back to bed? The day has started. Places to go, things to do. GET UP."

Bob is a morning person. So am I for that matter. And Cooper. It works out well for us. If even one of us was more of a night person we would have problems. But I am well aware that my brother and his daughter are wired a little differently. Their prime functioning time is probably from 3pm to 2am. It is very hard for them to function on what our society has deemed the normal business day, from 9 - 5. Or in the case of high school, it can be as early as 7am. Throughout our childhood I devised many ways, some cruel, for getting my dear sibling out of bed and mostly on schedule. Sheets were yanked, singing loudly and obnoxiously, even a sprinkling of cold water now and then. When we attended the same college there were a few times I would call him in the morning, have an entire conversation with him about meeting for breakfast and he would not only go back to sleep, but not remember the conversation at all.

At this point in our lives, we can do 6 things in one morning because we have the energizer bunny living in our house. This weekend we will undoubtedly visit the farm and see the cows etc. and play in the sandbox and walk the neighborhood several times. Before noon. But that is just how we roll. We will try not to make too much noise in case you are one of those still sleeping...


Chip said...

Hey! In my defense, I thought I heard her leave! It is only the first time my otherwise impeccable noise-radar has failed.

Damned embarrassing is what it is.

witchypoo said...

As long as it isn't pregnant tired, it's all good.