Monday, April 13, 2009

Alfred Hitchock has nothing on us

We are being stalked. By a robin. I first noticed a robin attacking our neighbor's front window. Robins do this in the spring. I think they think the reflection is another bird and that they need to defend their territory. Later that same day there was this robin sitting on the window sill of our living room window. Then it was pecking at the window. Attaching itself to the screen and pecking. Sitting in the bush outside the window and staring in with one of it's beady little eyes. Pecking some more.

Then on Saturday Bob said "Hey, that robin is over here trying to get in the side door" which is on the opposite side of the house from the living room window. Now Bob swears he will look outside and see the robin sitting on the line or the grass across the street, staring at our house. Planning its next assault.

Last spring we had a robins' nest in the bush outside this window. And the day after the babies flew the coop, I had to wrestle one dead baby robin out of one of my dogs' mouth. Bob thinks the robin is the mother and she is back for Gus.

I honestly think if we left the window open it would fly in the house. It has pecked at the front windows a bit too, but mostly it focuses its efforts on the side window. It gets a bit freaky, especially when it just sits there on the sill, with one or the other little birdy eye staring in at you. "One day, I will get in. You will forget about me, and leave the window open on a warm afternoon, and then I will get in. And then it is ON."

In other news, on Friday the cable line got torn off the house by the recycling truck. So when I got home, Cooper got to see a real life Bob the Builder in action. What more could a boy ask for but a guy with a hard hat, tool belt and a ladder working at his house? And we had Easter dinner with Alex, Bob's oldest son and his girlfriend. I have seen Alex a total of 7 times in the 7 years I have known Bob. So it was unusual, but pleasant. Cooper totally dug having him here and shared every tool he has AND put on a brief musical concert with the ukulele and harmonica. That kid knows how to wow the crowd.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Robins! Had them become irritated at our side mirrors on a car we parked outside - no room in the garage. We ended up putting paper bags over the mirrors when it was parked there. A pain when you drove off and found brown bags blocking your view! Perhaps brown bagging your window will discourage this bird.

You seem to have the most inept workers in that town. Your water pipe, your tv connection, etc. What goes on? Guys with tools - good times.

witchypoo said...

I'm superstitious about a bird flying into the house. And I used to like birds until my friend told me they had lice.

Oz said...

We used to have this crazy bird that would try to get in our house. It would do that flying at the house thing and fly at the sliding glass door until it knocked itself out. I was twelve or so and totally afraid that it would peck out my eyes if I went into the yard alone. It still gives me the shivers, but now I have a fat cat to protect me against birds.