Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wacky Weary Wednesday

Cooper has strep. Again. For the record, if you have a boy child, they may complain of their "peepee" hurting when they have strep. We now know that if he is even less interested in eating than usual AND he is complaining about his peepee, he probably has strep.

I went to the store at lunch today, to acquire things like applesauce and jello and antibiotics, and on my way back to work I saw a Hummer. Not a little one, one of the big ones. Burnt orange in color, with tinted windows. I caught sight of the driver as I passed, and a woman who looked like Sophia from Golden Girls was driving.

Then I get to work, and someone had delivered some bushes to plant behind our building along with some compost. The compost bags said "Lobster compost". HUH? Apparently lobster and crab shells are a good source of calcium and other tasty bits of goodness and it is a great compost for tomatoes. Guess what I will be using in my tomato patch this summer. It is a product of Maine. Go figure.

I was reviewing files today, and came across a student whose last name is Bytheway. BY THE WAY??? I think it is a fake name. I can't be sure, but seriously.

Work has been...ghastly. Take one part sucky economy and add a dash of NOBODY IS SPENDING MONEY ON ANYTHING and you get panic in the streets at small private tuition driven colleges. And without getting super technical or specific regarding my job, a combination of errors made by a variety of people have conspired to create even more angst for my boss and that means for ME. I personally am not taking ownership of the blunders, but they certainly impact me, and well, I have to end this blog entry so I can get back to awarding 500 or so more students. Tonight.

Have I mentioned that I might need a vacation? I do. But that is so unlikely to occur anytime soon. For so many reasons. Money, time, money. Money. And MONEY.

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Anonymous said...

Hope the meds get to work fast on Cooper. Sick babies are a sadness.

We have hazelnut (filbert) shells for sale as mulch here - many hazelnut orchards. Wonder if that draws squirrels more? Does the lobster shell mulch smell? So much to ponder.

Put a large picture of the beach on desk as you award away.