Saturday, February 7, 2009

I know where the bodies are now

Me: Yes, I am calling to see when Mr. Ryan will be able to fix the water leak under my driveway.

Nice lady in his office: Do you currently have water service?

Me: Yes, but here's the thing. I HAVE A SENSE OF DOOM about this. You can hear the leak with your unassisted naked ear. I think we are on borrowed time before the water surfaces somewhere, like my basement.

NL: Oh hahaha I totally understand. I'll have him call you right away.

Half an hour later we had a date. Thursday the foreman for the contractor came over to do some prelimanary jackhammering in our driveway, and to see what the situation was like. He brought a stethoscope with him, because I guess most water leaks are not quite so obvious as ours was. Bob was home and said the guy got this look on his face while standing in the basement, listening without the stethoscope to the water leak. "Do NOT under any circumstances touch anything down here" said the nice man. "That leak is probably right up against the wall of your basement. I am surprised you don't have water in here already." So HA! I am not that crazy neurotic woman who calls relentlessly just for no good reason.

This was the old water pipe they pulled out of the ground yesterday:

Turns out there were multiple breaks in the line. It is amazing we had any water pressure at all. Then there is the shiny new water line, the backhoe that made Cooper very happy, and finally, where the bodies are buried now.


Dproudmama said...

Always lovely to be "not crazy" about such things and then have them repaired. TaDa.

Chip said...

That's not NEARLY deep enough to hide the smell of decomposition.