Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am digging 2

People talk about the terrible twos. From what I can tell, based on my observations of the 3 year olds that live near me, 3 is waaaaay worse. At 3 the entire world is a science experiment. Things are meant to be tested, climbed, dumped out, into and mixed together in such a way as to cause permanent staining and causing parents to wonder out loud if the gypsies are by any chance in town.

2 on the other hand, so far, is a riot. The language skills are growing every day, although I still need a translator. The other night he was intent on telling me something, and I just wasn't getting it. "Waahwoo" he kept saying, in exactly the same way. He obviously was saying something very specific. As he said it for the fifth time, he stopped, looked at me tilting his head just so, and said it veeeeeery sloooooowly "Waaaaaaah....WOOOOOOO". I still have no idea what he meant. But he made me laugh.

The other day I picked Cooper up and held him facing me, and he smushed my face between his hands and gave me four big kisses in a row. Talk about being a flirt! Then yesterday when I dropped him off at school, I spent a few minutes talking to his teacher, and as I got ready to leave I gave him a kiss and as I walked out the door I told him I loved him, to which he replied clear as day "Love you mommy" and blew me kisses. Who doesn't just want to scoop him up, cover him in Cool Whip and eat him up RIGHT.NOW.

In other news Buster the damn beagle decided it would be a good idea to eat what was probably half a bag of Hershey Kisses. Foil and all of course, as that foil is a bitch to get off without opposable thumbs. Oh did he pay for that. There was vomiting. And more vomiting. Only once on the rug in the living room. Then he was banished to the kitchen to throw up on the tile floor. I would banish him outside except it is still cold here, and he would bark. He spent a full day feeling really awful, you could tell. But will he learn? No. His little beagle brain will not remember the torture, he is a slave to the nose.

What will be interesting is when Cooper begins experimenting, and I have no delusions, I know he will, what will he decide to try and feed Buster. Because I am pretty sure that dog will eat anything. And it may be his undoing.


Chip said...

This is why Erin was invaluable with Nate. He still swears she could read his mind when he was little (as any good big sister can) and would translate for him.

Erin on the other hand just became exasperated with me and would drag me to whatever she was talking about. Still does actually.

Dproudmama said...

So glad this is a good time for you. Joy galore.

Audubon Ron said...

Good son day, bad doggy day. It balances.