Friday, February 6, 2009

It is only because I have hair envy

I have very straight, very fine hair. I have a lot of hair, according to my salon person, hair stylist, whatever she wants to be called. But it is fine, and straight. Any volume or oomph I have in my hair is fake, the result of dutifully applied product and styling effort. If you saw me right after swimming, after my hair had dried, you would think "There goes Prince Valiant's older sister".

Anyway, Cooper has, it appears, inherited his father's hair. And because no one ever believes me when I say it, I am now able to provide proof now that Bob had a full on, honest to God, can't deny it when faced with the evidence afro in high school.

This is a picture of the electrical class Bob took in high school, circa 1976-77.
Bob is in the middle of the back row. Yes, that is his real hair. There are other pictures he has dug up, this one landed on facebook compliments of his friend Mike, second from the left, back row. One of my coworkers observed that they all look way too old to have been in high school. It was the 70s. I think everyone looked older then. I look at college freshmen now and think they are babies.

Maybe a year after this photo was taken Bob joined the Marines. So he went from this fabulous mop of curly hair to a jar head. I was in 8th grade at that time. By 10th grade I was trying to live out my fantasy of having the same hairdo Bob had, and permed my hair into a mockery of a 'fro. If I could find my photo album from high school I would prove it. At the moment it is MIA. Probably in the attic. Once I find it I will do a retrospective of all of the hair styles I have tried over the years in an effort to deny my straight hair.

Curly haired people always want straight hair, straight haired people want curly. We are just never satisfied with what we have, hair-wise. But I do hope that Cooper continues to take after his father in the hair department. I have hair envy.

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Audubon Ron said...

My are now gray. But, it is a hair!