Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh Hi There

Well, I have not posted much of anything for almost a week, and mostly because I didn't have much of anything to say. I have been living over here with Mr. Short Attention Span, aka, my son. Well, that is not totally accurate. He will spend an hour and a half playing with his toy school bus while watching Fireman Sam for that same time period. But Fireman Sam comes in 11 minute long episodes. So every 11 minutes someone has to put the next one on. But the fact that he loves it and it is supposed to take place in Pontypandy, Wales, so there are cool accents being spoken, makes me OK with the show. And you learn fun fire safety tips. Of course after watching every episode produced a minimum of 4 times each, one has to wonder how the entire country hasn't burned to the ground what with all the careless behavior the citizens seem to participate in.

In other Cooper news, he has decided he does NOT like sitting on the potty. We have not taken on potty training full force yet, but he wakes up dry most mornings, so we like to get him on the potty first thing to help him get used to the idea. I think the problem is he really like hanging out in his room with one or both of us when he first wakes up. We have just put a small book shelf in his room and moved all of his books from the living room into his room. Now he has even more reason to want to hang out in there. Taking off the diaper and sitting on the potty just gets in the way of all that groovy bonding.

I appreciate that he wants to hang out with us. That won't last forever, if it even lasts into next week, so I like to take advantage of it while I can. But this is counter productive to getting up and getting ready to go to school, and it isn't helping with the potty training concept. I think we will be ripping the bandaid off soon and doing the full on potty training within a month or so. First we need underpants and stickers. For Cooper. My own person reward system is more inclined toward chocolate and wine.

And finally, on Friday and Sunday it SNOWED here. SNOWED. It is the middle of October. What the frickety frack?


Dproudmama said...

Why not snow? A notice to get ready for real winter. Potty training - do not remember it as a major problem. Night diaper is dry? Great! That was the one that was last to go. (Oh a pun)

g said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You don't have to jello wrestle me for the radio - it's not mine, sadly, although I love it dearly.

Something about taking pictures of things makes it seem a little better to not actually OWN them!!!

A big high-rez photo of that one is yours, if you want....just email me.

Audubon Ron said...

Hey-yo, sounds like everything is everything. Incidentally, I still have potty-training issues. I'm just say'in. I don't like parking my butt over something I can't see.