Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flu Shot Frustration

First of all, it appears Gus will be fine. He used to have more frequent GI type problems, but he mostly outgrew them. His bloodwork was fine, so other than being on the expensive food for a few days and taking some Flagyl, this tummy medication, he is no worse for the wear.

On to my current frustration: getting a stupid flu shot. Bob and I have been trying to find a place that a) still has a supply and b) doesn't say "We only do those on every other Tuesday when there is a full moon and the Red Sox are in the playoffs". We plan on trying Costco tomorrow when supposedly their clinic is happening.

Getting a shot for Cooper is presenting more of an issue. Because he is younger than 9, he can't get it at those clinics. You have to go to the pediatrician. Which is normally FINE, except last week when I called they said they didn't have any appointments available, to call again next week. Which I did. Only to find out Oh HEY they just ran out of the seasonal flu shot and no they don't know when they are getting the next batch, but I should call back the first week of November. And yes, they have the H1N1 vaccine, but they are only giving it to high risk kids, like those with serious conditions. He is not a viable candidate for the nasal spray because he had pneumonia last winter and it is a live vaccine, which means he probably would have to stay home from day care for two weeks.

But they DO recommend getting the vaccines. But they don't have them or won't give them, depending on which vaccine we are talking about.

So how bitchy do I become about this? Supposedly they are all concerned about Swine flu hitting kids harder than other populations, but they are not actually testing for it unless a person dies from it, or is in critical condition. So how do we know if someone ACTUALLY has the Swine flu, or flu in general? I feel that there is a lot of doom and gloom about the situation, but when you are not actually tracking the statistics, how can you PROVE there is a problem?

Here on campus there have been a handful of kids who have been isolated due to having "flu-like symptoms" but again, no one is testing for the virus, so how do we know if it is, in fact, the flu, swine or otherwise?

I don't want my family to catch it, but I don't know how aggravated and frustrated I should allow myself to get over this. Worse case scenario we are going in for his 3 year check up in mid-November, so assuming they get at least the seasonal flu vaccine by then, maybe they will give him a shot. But the whole Swine flu thing is still a big old question mark.


Dproudmama said...

Happy happy about Gus! Flu shot frustration is everywhere. Yes, I should have it (Swine Flu shot) but, who has it and where? Got the seasonal flu shot already, whew. It is so crazy the way the media touts what should be done, gov't says what we should do and then, oops - no can do. Okay everyone - cough/sneeze into your sleeve, wash you hands every other second, and stay home if you are sick!!!! And have a 3 yr old do this? Sure.

Oz said...

First, Flagyl is a perfect name for a stomach medication. I'm also glad to hear your Gus the dog is doing OK.

All this flu shot stuff is nuts. There's the AHHHH YOU MUST GET THE SHOT message sent by officials, and then the whole problem of, ummm, the damn stuff actually being available.

dubiousMa said...

I'm not getting it, nor am I having my daughter get it. Not that I don't believe in vaccines or anything, but I think the media is responsible for making us so crazy about all this. Swine flu is out there and so is regular flu, but we will make ourselves sick worrying about getting vaccinated against them. You'll stress yourself to the point that you're run down and guess what? You get sick anyway.