Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cooper Chronicles

Today Cooper and I had quite an adventure. We got on the T (Boston's train/subway system) and went into Boston. We went as far as the Boston Common, which is where the Freedom Trail starts, where the State House is as well as a great climbing structure with big brass frogs. We saw people who were there to answer questions in period garb, like Ben Franklin, who, right before I got his picture, was texting on his phone. I am fairly sure that is not an authentic, period piece.

The climbing structure was really cool. It was HUGE, and the entire area was covered in this springy padded stuff, so when kids fall off of it, they kind of bounce. I think during the warm weather part of it becomes a sprinkler park. It is right next to the Frog Pond, a shallow wading pond, hence all the frogs.

Cooper was completely enthralled with riding on the train, and made friends with a woman who was visiting from Minnesota for a wedding. She was on her way to walk the Freedom Trail, which takes you through all of the historic parts of town, including the North Church (made famous by Paul Revere, one if by land, two if by sea), Paul Revere's house (the ceilings are even lower in that house than in mine!) and the Constitution, i.e. Old Ironsides. If you have several hours and like walking and find yourself in Boston, check it out.

It costs $2.00 for an adult each way on the T, and $6 for parking at the station. All in all, it was a very inexpensive way to spend the morning and it kept Cooper VERY entertained.


Dproudmama said...

Lovely fun time!!! Great to see his smile.

dubiousMa said...

How cool. I love when you can take a kid to something that you may have seen 100 times and you can watch the enthrallment (word?) in their eyes. My daughter is like that when I take her to Rockefeller Ctr to see the lighting of the tree or ice skating in Central Park...stuff I've done a million times but to her, it's like magic.