Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ways in which I resemble a garden gnome...

Have you ever really observed yourself in relation to the rest of the world, or really looked at the way the rest of the world sees you? Watching yourself on video helps with this reality check. Because of the singing I have been doing with our jazz group on campus and at Ryles in Cambridge, I have had the painful/pleasurable opportunity to observe myself in the videos of my performances.

Observation #1: I am short. Shorter than I think I realized. I am, in my stocking feet, 5'4" which doesn't seem short until I see myself in relation to other objects or beings. Like in the video which is available here. This is a clip from a performance we did on Monday at the retirement facility attached to campus. It is a bosa nova piece, Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars. The accoustics in the room are awful, and the student who was supposed to be in charge of the mixer (she was doing it for extra credit, I don't know if she got it) really didn't know what she was doing. Bob took the video with our trusty Flip video camera. If you are in the market for a relatively inexpensive but ridiculously easy to use video camera, this is your camera. I would, in retrospect, spring for the HD version for more clarity in the picture.

But back to being short. I am, for reference, standing in 3 inch wedge heels. And I am still really short next to Richard. In fairness he says he is 6'2.5". I think I might even be shorter in heels than Joe, the fourth guy you can't see in this video.

Observation #2: Sometime in the last 20 years my shoulders swallowed my neck. What is that all about? I used to be self conscious about having a skinny neck. Now I have none.

Observation 3#: This is not a new observation, since my friend Laura who has designed dresses for me in the past has pointed this out - I am freakishly short waisted. I have about 4 inches of space between the underside of my bosom area and what is considered my waist. This is why when I was 3 months pregnant I looked 6 months pregnant. There was nowhere for that baby to go but out.

Observation #4: When I smile, my cheeks swallow up my eyes.

So here is the thing. I am fairly sure that somewhere in the recesses of my genetic pool, we will find garden gnomes. Just call me Mabel.


Chip said...

Um... yeah... [insert snarky commentary from not quite 6' tall brother]

heh heh

Audubon Ron said...

Thanks for messing with my image of you. I never noticed.

Audubon Ron said...

...oh wait, there was a vid. It didn't load at first. You have a good voice and a good feel. This is your music. You also have a camera lens that has a curve to it. Even the tall balding guy looks like a gnome. Don;t be so critical. After I lost 30 lbs, I have 6.34 miles of extra skin under my neck. Now that's freaky looking and weird.