Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brought to you by Sappy Milestone Moments Inc.

Proud Mama Moment Alert: My kid piddled on the potty for the first time EVER last night. He is 2 years and 7 months old. I think on a scale for boys this makes him a super genius. Next on his list of accomplishments will be a Nobel Peace prize for solving world hunger, or curing cancer, or figuring out how to put his sunglasses on right side up.

We hope to do two major things in the coming summer months: officially potty train the boy and move him into the next level of sleeping arrangements - the toddler bed. His crib converts into said toddler bed, so we are looking into bed rails that will work with the bed. He has yet to try to climb out of his crib, although he totally could. I guess he is not as adventurous as the kid next door who has been climbing out of his crib for months. Not that I am complaining. But having him sleep in a regular bed would make traveling with him easier.

The potty training will be interesting. I have house trained two dogs, but I doubt that the process is exactly the same. We will probably try the naked toddler approach, i.e. let the kid run around naked and get him on the potty as soon as he shows any signs of needing to do business. It has been recommended by a few people who have successfully potty trained kids.

Meantime, I shall bask in the glow of pride in my kid making wee wee on the potty. You take your victories where you can.


Audubon Ron said...

Take a bow baby, take a bow.

Bear and Bones Mama said...

Congratulations! Our 2 year old boy loves to piddle on the potty, but has yet to do #2 - or to let me know he has to piddle. He just likes to go before I get his diaper on. We're taking the naked approach with him this summer too. He's 2 years 5 months. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Just why is the naked approach workable? It seems as if one will have puddles or worse around the house or really interesting interaction with the dogs! Ugh. Think of Poncho!

Oz said...

Go, Cooper!