Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Variations on white or How I lost my mind picking out paint for the living room

We are painting our living room. We moved into this house almost four years ago, and one of the things we loved about the house is that we didn't feel the need to paint at all. I spent quite a bit of time painting in my last house, after the ex husband moved out, in an effort to remove as much gray and pink as possible from the house. It had been previously owned by a woman named Milly and her husband Ed and they liked gray. And blue. And pink. This house has colors that are rich - red, orange, yellow, burgundy. It is the burgundy that bit the dust this weekend. Our living room has fairly low ceilings, and we decided that the burgundy was making the room feel too cavelike. We were going to paint the two burgundy walls a sage green. Then, after the primer went up, the room was really bright, so we decided a brighter color would be better, so we went with yellow. Forgetting that the dining room was already a bright yellow. That room needs to be painted anyway, because two years ago we had a window replaced in there, and when the guy was doing the work, he tore a big chunk out of the wall at the corner of the window. So it has been patched for two years, waiting for us to paint. Now we will paint that room green instead. Which will coordinate better with all of our dishes, including the china I inherited from my great aunt Helen. So it's a win-win situation.

Anyway, the other two walls in the living room are currently a weird beige, which loooked fine with the burgundy, but totally doesn't work with the yellow. So we thought white would be good. This is the point at which my brain cramped. I went to Home Despot as my friend TR calls it, because quite frankly we are on a budget and they have a big selection. I prefer Benjamin Moore colors, but we are going for convenience and price right now. I came home with no less than 20 paint chip pages. There are a LOT of options for white. Some are more pink or blue than others. With names like Bliss, Kitten White, Snowfield, Spiritual and Ready Mix White. That last one is really WHITE. I get distracted by all the colors on the chip pages that I don't want, so I cut them all apart, and taped the ones we are considering up on the wall in the corner up against the yellow so we could consider their worthiness. It was then I realized that white is not the color we need. We think we have settled on a color by Glidden called Fostoria Glass. It is a very light blue/gray color. HA. All that damn blue and gray I took out of the other house and now I am putting it back in this house. But it is a lovely compliment to the yellow. And light. Not dark and gloomy.

And when I say "we are painting the living room" I really mean Bob. I did some edging this weekend, but he is doing the bulk of the labor. I like painting, but he has some time on his hands and it is easier to get this done if it is handled when Cooper is away all day at school.

Speaking of Cooper, he is learning to kick a soccer ball. While I watched him try this weekend in the yard I was reminded exactly how much coordination it takes to kick a ball, especially while walking or running. But he is getting the hang of it. And he is obsessed with dinosaurs. Where that came from I don't know, but it is a nice change from trucks.


Chip said...

Dinosaurs are BIG and POWERFUL and just way way cool. That is why he likes them. Plus they are no longer roaming about terrorizing the local neighborhoods (unless you are in downtown Tokyo, we shall forgo the abomination that had Ferris Beuller as the hero) which makes their scariness palatable to the lil minds seeking some power in a world WAY bigger than they are...


$150 please. Make an appointment on your way out.

Audubon Ron said...

Wow. I’m dizzy. I feel like I just read a kaleidoscope.

witchypoo said...

Be glad that dinosaurs aren't picking the paint colors. And that Bob is doing most of the painting.