Wednesday, April 2, 2008

To eat or not to eat...

My new sink and faucet!

You can't tell but this is beige with fun flecks of brown and maroon quarts in it.

Curley headed pensiveness...

I have decided I will keep naming my posts using takes on famous literary phrases. Makes me sound educated or something. Anyway, what to do about a child who is fussy about eating? Cooper has always been a bit slow about transitioning to new food. When he was good with eating baby food, he didn't want anything to do with food that had chunks in it. He finally got over that, but wanted NOTHING to do with table food. He still doesn't want to eat our food for the most part. He will eat almost any fruit you put in front of him, which is great. He rejected cheese for a long time, which made me question whether I had been perhaps impregnated by aliens. I mean, seriously, he is part Italian, we don't turn down CHEESE. And even now, the cheese he will eat is almost not cheese. It is that Kraft American cheese food product bizarrely individually wrapped slice stuff. The good part is that it is packed with calcium. He eats yogurt with abandone. He also likes those Beech Nut Graduate meals. If I try to feed him grown up ravioli, he won't have it. But he will eat that ravioli. I guess I should be grateful he will eat those. But I am jealous. I see other kids his age eating table food. My neighborhood mama's talk about their toddlers eating FISH! The only fish Cooper has an interest in are the Pepperidge Farm kind. And it better be the regular flavor, none of this pizza flavored crap.

I find it hard to serve him dinner at the same time we eat. We get home right around 5pm. He is ready to eat NOW. Bob, the father unit, is not home at this time, and I am in no position to produce a full, healthy, balanced meal for us in 10 minutes even if he was. So part of this problem is certainly a product of that. He sees us eat together on weekends, and has begun showing some interest in what we are eating, but during the week it is easier to pull something out that doesn't need much preparation. There is a very short window of opportunity to get Cooper interested in eating dinner before he succumbs to being very tired - he usually hits the sack around 6:30 most nights.

I should note he is not wasting away. He was, at his last doctor's appointment, totally in line with where he should be. He is fine and healthy. But I worry about him being open new food. How long can a child survive eating oatmeal, yogurt and fruit? Although I should be glad those are the things he will eat. It is healthy and good for you.

And on the topic of food preparation, we have been doing work on our kitchen. It all started because we realized that water was getting in from the vent for the over the stove fan. When we decided we were going to take the tile off, since it was NASTY anyway, we decided it was time to do the counters. They were also NASTY. They were laminate on top, with wooden trim. Just the thing for a kitchen where the counters are getting wet and being cleaned. So we had the counters replaced with this quartz composite product called Zodiac. It is BEAUTIFUL. We didn't go with the ubiquitous granite. Apparently it takes a lot of maintenance, it needs to be sealed and cleaned all the time. No thank you. This was cheaper and is beautiful. I took really hard to see pictures of the end result. We still need to have the tile work done, but it is so much better than before.

So now I have a new counters to prepare food on, if only Coop would provide the motivation!

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Susie said...

Congrats on the new kitchen snazzy-up! Love your post about what he's munching on and this cracked me up: " He rejected cheese for a long time, which made me question whether I had been perhaps impregnated by aliens. I mean, seriously, he is part Italian, we don't turn down CHEESE."

Wait a week, bet he'll eat something new. I've found with my guy that he;s more changable than the weather in Florida.

See, look at me acting like a baby expert when I know nothing!

Best, your Internet superpal,

Susie :)