Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fun on the weekend

Some of these are pictures from this weekend when Cooper got to see a fire truck up close and personal. There was no crisis involved, just the local fire department doing a stop by at our neighbors house because one of the kids was turning 3 and his grandfather volunteers with the department, so he arranged for a truck to come by, barring any fire related disasters in Waltham.

The third one is of Cooper and I doing the thing he loves more than almost anything, reading. Which thrills me as I am a HUGE fan of reading, although I don't get to do as much of it for myself now that he is around, but I love reading to him.

Coop was rather unimpressed with the truck, but was fascinated by all the kids that were there. Ty the birthday boy was THRILLED however, and that is what counts.

As for today, Coop and I are home because he is banned from school for 24 hours. Seems he yakked at the end of the day yesterday. Of course the first thought is STOMACH BUG.
SF I was about to curse you for some sort of Vulcan mind meld through the internet sharing of the plague, but since he has not yakked again I think he is not sick. Rather I think he gagged himself at school and they didn't see him do it. If he doesn't have a binky in his mouth, he sticks his whole hand in there these days because he is growing MORE teeth. Big ones at the back of his mouth. He was in WAY too good a mood when I went to pick him up too. Last time he had the bug he was a giant snuggly lump of kid for 12 hours. This is not the same at all.

But that means mommy and Cooper bonding time. We have taken a walk around the neighborhood, harrassed the dogs, had snacks and lunch, and he is currently taking the second of his two daily naps. He only naps like this at home. At school, they are lucky to get one out of him. It is much more peaceful here I guess. Or boring. I am not nearly as entertaining as having 8 other infants and a dozen or so toddlers to run around with. Later mommy gets to go hang out with some friends and go to a book reading at a great bookstore Newtonville Books. They have great readings and an opportunity to meet and talk to the authors afterward. I haven't been to one in almost a year. Alice Hoffman is reading tonight. I have read one of her books, Practical Magic. This new one got a fairly good review in a magazine I was reading recently. I am really going for the bonding and the snacks and adult beverages afterward!

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