Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rant warning...

I am starting out today's entry with a very cute picture of Cooper to set happy tone before I rant.

Rant: I hate when people use the wrong words or mispronounce words and get catch phrases wrong. I don't mean made up words like 'gajillion' which are obvious in both their made-up-ness and their meaning. I mean when a person THINKS they are using the right word, but they are not. For example, I have a coworker, a college educated woman, who says 'supposubly' when she means to say 'supposedly'. It makes my brain itch.

How about 'I could care less'. Well, then I assume you could, in fact, care less. What I think you mean is you COULDN'T care less. You care so little that there is no less to care. Could not, not could.

I once had a boss who used to say we were being 'unindated' by paperwork. AND she truly thought the phrase was 'least but not last'. At first I thought oh she is just being funny, she thinks that is so very clever. Nope. She really thought that was the way it was said.

Then there is the totally accepted in society but STILL WRONG 'I feel so nauseous'. What the person should be saying is he or she feels nauseated. Saying you feel nauseous means that you feel you are yourself causing others to feel nauseated in some manner, like by wearing too much perfume or cologne. That is a hard one though. So many people use 'nauseous' that it is the accepted use of the word. And it is a bit more esoteric in nature.

But it makes me absolutely BATTY that even in the dictionary now, they list as one of the accepted pronunciations of the word 'nuclear' to be that which our esteemed president insists on using - 'nuke yoo ler'. Because apparently not even a Yale education can get a person to pronounce it correctly. NUKE LEE ER. Is it REALLY that hard? REALLY?

There are so many words that are perfectly lovely words that do the job, yet we insist on making up new ones that eventually, because of popular usage, get into the common vernacular. This is inevitable, but I hate 'functionality' when 'function' functions so...functionally. Or phrases like 'value-added'. Grrrrr.

Okay, I think I am done. Ooops, nope, I am not. I can't figure out how to address the problem of 'supposubly' with my coworker, since I don't want her to feel self conscious about it, but then she admits she has issues with spelling and grammar, so maybe she is open to be corrected. In some non-ranty way. But when it is my husband, all bets are off. I think I have finally broken him of saying 'we should have went' when he should be saying 'we should have gone'. My itchy brain couldn't take it any longer.

I also admit that I am not perfect when it comes to grammar and spelling and all. I use spell check regularly, and even grammar check. I make mistakes all the time in my life. I own them, I laugh at them and try not to make them again. So if you find me mispronouncing a word or misusing a phrase, let me know!

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