Monday, January 14, 2008

Another cold, another snow day

Today we had a snow day. We got about 8 inches of heavy wet snow, which makes things look magical and peaceful, and makes the Bob happy he has a new snow blower. Cooper and I spent most of the day, in between naps, (his, not mine) playing with various toys, eating snacks and reading books. He has now gotten to a place where he will sit and look through a book by himself now. He used to demand we turn the pages on a book. He didn't need us to read the words, although if we read fast enough he will tolerate it, but generally he just wants to look at the pictures. Now he will look by himself, which is awfully cute and makes his parents very happy and proud. Bob's older kids don't get why anyone reads books. We are book-aholics so I am encouraged by Cooper's interest in them. I feel that books have provided countless hours of escape, diversion, education and basic entertainment and enrichment to my life; I couldn't imagine a life without them.

In the meantime, Cooper has been dealing with yet another cold. Someone said this is good, he is developing his immune system. I said yes, but there are something like 400 cold viruses, so we have a long way to go toward complete immunity. Since I still get colds at the age of 43 I am guessing one never develops complete immunity. This time Cooper has a cough and a mild fever in addition to the constant supply of mucus oozing from his nose. Bill Cosby has a bit he does about the Glazed Donut Monster, i.e. a toddler with a cold. This is a perfect description of what we are dealing with. I have to say that since warm humidifiers are now frowned upon (one of those things I grew up with that apparently can cause any number of terrible diseases) the little Vicks plug into an outlet waterless vaporizer is a godsend and works! And when you throw out the used pads into the diaper pail it helps make it smell good in there.

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