Thursday, February 7, 2008


So you know that line in the Cheers theme song about "Where everybody knows your naaaaame"? And how whenever Norm entered the bar everyone would yell "NORM"? Picking up my son at daycare has become like that. It is gratifying beyond description how happy he is to see me. It is the kind of happy that says "Thank GOD you are here, get me out of here". It is a happy that seems to say "There you are, where have you been, I am SO HAPPY to see you". He seems to truly LOVE me and is overjoyed to see me.

Now it is probably slightly pathetic how much I love to see his face when he recognizes it is me as I get to the bottom of the stairs and can see into the infant room. But it is better than being greeted by your dog. Dogs have that way of greeting you that is so unconditional, joyful and depending on how long they have been home alone, desperate to get outside to their business. It is so fun to be greeted by a dog. But seeing Cooper's face at the end of the day is BETTER.

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