Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Bob and I might just go take a nap until Cooper is 18

It is Bob's BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday!!! Over the weekend I was washing some dishes thinking that I completely stink at buying him birthday presents and what in the WORLD was I going to get him...when the angels smiled on me and he walked into the kitchen sheepishly and said "I've been bad."

Me: What did you buy???

Bob: It was on sale!

Me: You bought an iPhone didn't you.

Bob: It is a refurbished one!

Me: Happy Birthday!

See how that worked out? No more guilt for anyone. Of course there will be dinner, of his choice (I am looking at you Audobon Ron) which will be baked beans a la the Pioneer Woman's recipe, brown bread from a can Lord have mercy on us all, and a dessert yet to be named.

In other news, I was wandering around some blogs the other day, and happened on an entry from Jenn@JugglingLife where she was talking about a book that she was given to review The Body Scoop for Girls, a book on sex, geared toward teenaged girls. The ensuing discussion and comments made me put my head on my desk and wonder how in the world did my parents survive my teen years and my brothers. Don't get me wrong, I, by no means, was the party animal in high school. But I did have boyfriends and dated and how do you trust that anyone is going to be OK out in the big bad world. And someone is going to have to have The Talk with Cooper some day, and probably sooner than I am even prepared to think about it if the commentors on her post were anything to go by.

If I recall correctly my mother had to have the first Talk with me when I was around 8. I had come home from school, where one of my wiser than his age friends had told me I should not refer to a cat as a pussy. When I asked why, he very sagely said I should ask my mother. So I did. I don't recall if it all made sense, or even what my mother said, other than to explain that it was a term some people used for lady parts. It wasn't too long after that that, compliments of our somewhat progressive public school system, we began having health classes in school and discussions about bodily functions and changes that take place as you grow. And then there were always the books that most young girls read at that time, like "Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret". I was fairly well BOOK educated on what was what, if not life educated. And I am OK with that.

But I have to prepare my son to be a respectful and kind to others young man. We have to. It isn't my job alone, The Bob, a respectful and kind to others man, is in on this deal too. Kids are exposed to so much so early. I would like him to just be a kid, and not have to worry about sex and drugs and bullies for a long time. It just makes me want to take a nap.


Chip said...

I was too nervous and far to bashful in high school. Mom and Dad didn't worry about any of THAT with me. No idea if they did with you. I mean... honestly, look at the glasses I wore.

My biggest thing with my two critters is working on them not being ashamed about sexuality and being respectful to themselves. I'll let you know if it works... or not, depending.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Bob! 2/2? 7/7... 11/11... did you plan this stuff?

Susan said...

Just ake a deep breath and start with little bits and pieces as opportunities arise and it will never have to be "the big talk." I started with a book for kids that showed body parts (all of them, not just the genitals.) Discussions just went from there in a pretty natural way.