Saturday, February 27, 2010

And then she blew my mind

I am sure we all know someone who is really good at visualizing something. Some people can write music like they breathe, some people can decorate a room perfectly, some people, like my boss, can visualize a spreadsheet like no one's business.

She can't actually CREATE the spreadsheet. She is the first to admit that she is much better at using a pencil and paper. But the other day we needed to pull together a huge amount of information in a very specific way. My brain was seizing up just at the thought of having to sort all of this information into the right format, and she sat down with myself and our Institutional Research guy, who IS a whiz at creating spreadsheets and reports, and outlined what she wanted just by visualizing it.

She could describe exactly what she wanted each part of the spreadsheet to include, how it should be sorted, what the cover sheets for each part should look like. I just sat there thinking "THANK GOD Richard is sitting there taking notes and knows what she is talking about" because if I had to do that on my own we would have been there a looooooong time.

I am quite sure I am good at certain things. But I sit in awe of my boss most of the time. She is one of those people with such a clear vision of things at times that it just blows my mind. And makes me wonder if even with another 10 years of experience if I would be able to ever do what she does even half as successfully as she does. Which is inspirational and depressing all at the same time. I learn so much by working with her, but often go back to my office thinking "I am sooooo inadequate."

Mostly I find it inspiring. I don't know if I ever want to have a job like hers, it is a huge responsibility and I know she loses sleep at night over having the fate of a college in her hands regularly, but I am grateful for the opportunity to work for someone like her. Maybe some of her visionary ability will rub off on me.


Audubon Ron said...

I can’t pass a multiple guess test to save me life, even with a lot of study. I can write an essay by hand but it will defy you to make any sense of it. You have no idea how long it takes me to write the simplest post so every post for me is monumental, but like your boss I can visualize things others can’t. Thank goodness for teams. I’m sure your boss marvels at a skill set you possess that she doesn’t. I’m sure of it.

Dproudmama said...

It may have taken "RON" awhile to write what he did, but, it was right on.

Oz said...

To take a line from your last post, it is all unfolding as it should be. I am certain that there are people in awe of you, too.