Thursday, February 18, 2010


Do you see that image above? These are three little fire fighters that come with a little Fisher Price fire house. They come with these little vest/hat combos that you can take off and put on at will.

The first time Cooper saw them, he didn't want anything to do with the one that has a mask on it. That is the one to the far left. It has an oxygen tank on the back. It is not like the other two, and that BOTHERED him. "Take it off take it off take it off" was his mantra. Meaning take off the mask, not the whole vest. He wanted the mask off off off. Upon being informed that the mask was not removable, that it was a part of the vest/hat combo, he lost his ever lovin' mind, wailing and screaming and gnashing his teeth. So I took it away. It sat on the kitchen counter, taunting him.

A little while later, he decided he WANTED this vest with the mask. And for about 10 minutes all was well with the fire fighting world. Sirens were heard, fires were put out, and then came the next request. "More mask" he said. "MORE MASK" he demanded. Now, instead of wanting the mask to be removed, he wanted ANOTHER mask. But there are no more masks. This is it. Two with no masks, one with.

You would think I told him that I killed Fireman Sam himself. The wailing, the screaming, the general FREAK OUT was more than I have ever seen from this kid. I ended up taking the whole thing away, putting it in our room. When he persisted in freaking out, I put him in HIS room. Eventually I took some milk and a Nutragrain bar to him, which he consumed voraciously, suggesting this was a slightly hypoglycemically fueled freak out. Eventually he agreed to come downstairs but he couldn't have the toy back. I said the store took it back. They would only return it if he ate some more food and settled down, AND agreed to play with it exactly the way it was made. Eventually he wanted me to "call the store" and fortunately, the store delivers directly to our bedroom. I retrieved the fire house, and all of the fire dudes. And all was well with the world. For now.

Tomorrow is another day.

The pictures below are from yesterday, when we woke after a big storm to a beautifully blue and white and pink day.


Audubon Ron said...

Good thinking. Very clever. The one with the mask freaked me out too.

Chip said...

We had movies that would go on vacation. Don't recall a freak out over a specific toy though. No, no, Erin and I shared those freak out moments over subtle semantic moments... ah, memories to be soooo proud of. Where'd I put my antidepressant?

Laura said...

he's going to ace the section of the SAT's that involves locating "which one of these is not like the other". HA!