Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thoroughly Random Thursday

Bleeker and the ChubChubs

The other morning Cooper and I were driving to school as usual, and I decided to sing "Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog" because it is a song that is sung by the main character in one of two very short animated films about the ChubChubs saving Christmas sings this song with his little ChubChub friends. Cooper is slightly obsessed with the ChubChubs. Anywho, I was singing along when Cooper decided he would sing back up. Just the ChubChubs do for Bleeker. And it was COOL.

We are participating again in the gigantic yard sale that my neighborhood has once a year on Saturday. I am hoping to divest our house of more clutter.

We have new neighbors. They have contributed to the male under 2 years old population with the addition of their son, Ezra, who is 9 months old and delicious. He is scrumptious. He is even better because he is NOT MINE. I love the babies, and I love giving them back to their parents. Cooper is trying to decide how he feels about me holding another child, and so far he has been pretty okay with it, but you can see him calculating exactly how much love does he think I am bestowing on Ezra vs. him. There is no competition, but it is hard to resist those cheeks and big brown eyes. He is a very chill baby, much like Cooper was, and he just gazes upon people with wisdom beyond his little not even a year old self. He seems to dig me.

Friends of mine who were laid off over the last year because of the lovely economic situation are beginning to find jobs. Hurray for that. Now would someone please send some of that mojo Bob's way? Thanks.

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Oz said...

Oh, Ezra. That was one of our name finalists. I love it!

Your duet sounds fabulous.