Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thoroughly Random Tuesday

Right. What has MidLifeMama been up to....

Had my yearly mammogram today. Don't expect any untoward news, but need to have the girls checked once a year now that I am OVER 40. And since two people I know have dealt with breast cancer recently, I feel even more compelled to get things checked. Although every time I have this done I am reminded that if men had to have this done, MRI's would be STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE and insurance companies would pay for it because no man is going to tolerate having his good squeezed in a vice grip like that on a yearly basis. I mean, I am pretty sure that nice lab tech owes me dinner or something now.

In other news, Cooper POOPED on the potty. Wheee! This is a major step on the potty training trail.

It has been raining for daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays. Mushrooms are growing in my yard. We had to get out today for a bit, to burn off some extra energy. Since it had stopped raining for half an hour, every kid on our street was outside, stomping in puddles and generally giggling and screaming and running. It was a beautiful thing. My kid was covered in mud and I didn't care.

Something took place at work recently that kind of pissed me off. It is hard to talk about without being really specific, but the abbreviated version is that a colleague got a title change. Previously this position had the same title I have, director. Now this position has the title of Dean. It is not an academic position. There has been no change in reporting structure, or seniority, but it supposedly reflects the level of work being done in the position. Which means that Dean is better than director. Which to me reflects some sort of value judgement on that position vs. any other director level position. Which left me feeling a little "What the freakity frack" because my job responsibilities are equal to, at LEAST, those being done in this other position. I manage an overall budget of close to 30 million dollars. While my staff is less than half of this individuals', we process aid for 90% of the students at the college. I do my job. Effectively, efficiently. My staff likes me, my coworkers like me, the students and parents love my office. We get compliments from people who have had contact with other aid offices at other colleges along the lines of "You guys answer the phone, or You are so responsive and helpful unlike this other college." I don't want a new title for the sake of a new title. But if that position warrants some level of acknowlegdement, so does mine. But I don't see that happening anytime soon. For the first time in 9 years of working there, I am disappointed.

The flip side of this is that I am supremely grateful for having a job. My quality of life is good at this job, and it is a great community to be part of. So I am trying to keep it all in balance in my head and heart and continue to do the good job I know how to do. In the meantime I shall now be known, at least in my own head, as Supreme Goddess of Financial Aid.


Audubon Ron said...

Oh Boy, A Bad Mama-grama!

Good news on the Copper front.

We are in a drought b/c you’re getting all our rain.

What’s in a Title?

Good you have a job. I’m fix’in to dump mine. Actually, no I’m not. You know, you need to toot your own horn - in a humble kind of way.

Only a woman would even consider putting a man’s boyz in a vice. NOT.A.DAY! Hush your mouth.

Anonymous said...

Queeen goodesssss. Lofty, queen goddess. Sometimes though, a title is just for persons that have lesser stuff.

What a great image in my head that was - all the kids running around. And the heat just lurks - it will be there soon - look at the weather map. I could easily live with our 70's and 80's of late.

The retake on the mammo was the worst ever! I thought I would pass out!
But, with a "no problem" verdict, I am happy.

Men - It is prostate cancer awareness month.