Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do chocolate chip cookies qualify as a balanced meal?

Hmmm, dairy (butter) CHECK. Protein (eggs and enriched flour!) CHECK. Vegetable...vegetable...nope, no vegetables in chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate is made from the cocoa bean, so MAYBE I can pull off calling it a legume...

Nope. Chocolate chip cookies, homemade at that, are not a balanced meal, however, boy howdy are they are great mood enhancer. Followed by a large vat of coffee, one dose of Claritin and I might just survive this pollen infused day we call Tuesday.

I took yesterday off and continued the painting project in the living room with the Bob. The yellow went up last week, but touch ups were needed around the edges to completely remove any vestiges of the burgundy/maroon that were peeking through. That was my job. Meanwhile, Bob applied the stunningly beautiful gray/blue color Glidden calls Fostoria Glass. It is so pretty. I don't think pictures will do it justice, but once all the blue tape is removed from the walls I will take some and post them.

Which makes me ask - to tape or not tape? I am a NOT taper. I hate using that stuff. It takes forever to get up there neatly and it still doesn't prevent you from having to go back and cut in and touch up around the edges. Bob loves the tape. Well, love might be a strong word. He prefers to paint with it as opposed to without. So if he wants to spend all that time applying it, I guess that is his business.

We need to apply one more coat to a few walls, but once that is done, it will be on to the next room - the dining room.

And we have a lone carpenter bee burrowing into the roof of our front porch again. Last year this happened and the bug guy said "I have never seen just ONE carpenter bee" and yet there it was, one bee. No other signs of infestation anywhere on the house. So this year we are dealing with it ourselves. A little bee spray and some caulk and no more bee. If it weren't so damaging to the property I would let the bee be. But they burrow and nest and they can really do a job on your house. So the bee must go. And I guess I will go eat a yogurt now, for balance.


Anonymous said...

Is not wheat a vegetable/grain? Is there no wheat in your cookies? There you go: full rationalization. Happy cookie time.

twistedknickers said...

I can enjoy a chocolate chip cookie, but the ingredients make me pay later.