Sunday, June 7, 2009

The milestones keep on coming

This weekend we converted Cooper's crib to a toddler bed. He is not one of those kids who was climbing out of his crib, quite the opposite. He was quite happy to sit in that crib and call for us. Unlike our neighbor, Liam, who is quite the acrobat. But Cooper no longer fits in a pack and play, and we would like to be able to travel without worrying what he would sleep in. So we bought a bed rail and converted the crib yesterday before his nap. And so far so good. He didn't question at all the new arrangement. After his nap he stayed in bed and called for us, and when I got up there I took the rail down and sat on his bed with him, which he LOVED. He was so happy to have me sitting there he couldn't give me his stuffed animals fast enough.

Bedtime was the same. He didn't seem to care at all that the rail was there, and went right to sleep. Today has gone the same way. He calls for us and stays in bed. My main concern was he would get out of bed, which he totally can now, and would get out of his room and fall down the stairs. We moved the gate from the top of the stairs awhile ago. Because of the arrangement at the top of the stairs, it is hard to find a gate that fits. So we decided to go with a gate on his bedroom door. Even if he gets the door open, the gate is there. So I am hoping this works out. He can go up and down the stairs, but he is very unstable on the way down still.

The other exciting thing that happened this weekend is Cooper received a little wheelbarrow from our friend TR.

Suffice to say it was a hit.

Then we went to the farm again today. It was one of those "circle of life" days at the farm. First we discovered a chicken that seemed to shuffle off this mortal coil right there in the chicken house, then at the pig barn the sow, Harriet, was being inseminated. Poor her. But that certainly seems easier than actually having relations with a 900 lb boar. No one else seemed to notice that there was a dead chicken, so we alerted the authorities on our way out of the farm. I hope it was a case of old age and not bird flu. As it is we got the email that alerted us to students exhibiting signs of the flu at day care. Whoopee.

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