Monday, June 27, 2011

On Barnacles and Pier Fries

Yesterday we had had enough of rain and 60 degree weather. We decided to head up to Old Orchard Beach in Saco ME.

Theme park as viewed from pier.

There is a theme park, where Cooper rode his first roller coaster ride, first tilt a whirl ride, and first Materhorn ride. He deemed the tilt a whirl the scariest, but the roller coaster the most fun. I have yet to meet a roller coaster I do not love. Even the ones that go upside down and backwards. But by far the best are like the one at OOB. Small, fast, with lots of tips and turns. There is nothing quite like the chunk chunk chunk like coke bottles in a paperbag sound as you go up the first incline to get the anticipation flowing.

There are also Pier Fries. I was a Pier Fry virgin until yesterday. I had heard tales of these delectable fried bits of wonder. They did not disappoint. However, point of order: I do NOT like vinegar on my fries. This could be item number 3 on the list of things The Bob finds astoundingly baffling about me. I like fries with salt. Sometimes ketchup. These fries needed no help. Tragically, a sea gull got to the remaining fries in the box when we were at the beach.

I do like to color coordinate things, but not even I could plan for my kid to match the colors of the ocean and sand.

Despite the fact that we were headed to a location with the word "BEACH" in its name, we went completely unprepared for beach related activities. No swim suit for anyone, no towel. So Coop went into the sea in his shorts, Bob procured a replacement pair that are so big Cooper will probably wear them for the next two summers, but who cares. Fun was had.

On the way home, at Coopers' request, we stopped to play some Miniature Golf. Unfortunately, we only managed to play 3 holes before giving up because there was a gigantic family of like 16 people playing ahead of us, and we determined we were uninterested in staying for the next 3 hours to play. Cooper got to play for the first time though, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

All in all, a great day was had.

Editors note: Apparently I was mistaken. Old Orchard Beach is in Old Orchard, not Saco. Who knew.


Dproudmama said...

Yes, wonderful fun ! Good photos. Used to get fries and custard (soft ice cream) at "stands" along Lake Ontario in Rochester by the amusement park. They had vinegar to use also. That was the British way. Ketchup just mucks up the fries. Salty fries a yummy memory. Rudy's near Oswego is still in business.

Audubon Ron said...

I might need a recipe for Pier Fries.

I just realized Cooper doesn't like tee ball b/c he's a golfer.

The Zadge said...

I love Old Orchard Beach!! During a weeklong photography workshop in Rockport, we spent one day there and got the most amazing images!