Saturday, November 21, 2009

WMD's (Weapons of Mouse Destruction)

AGH. I just posted nothing but a title. I got all trigger happy.

On to my story. So. We had a mouse. At least one. I was in the basement working out at 5:30am one morning this past week, and out of the corner of my eye I saw this little scurrying flurry of fur. Sure enough, there was a little mouse, running around the top of the foundation and up into the wall. GAHHH. So that day the Bob went off to Home Despot, and bought

The Weapons of Mouse Destruction.

We put glue pads under the stove. We put glue pads on the top of the foundation in the basement. But most importantly, we implemented the Zapper. As cruel as it sounds, it is a Skinner box on steroids. It lures the mouse in and zaps it dead. I am still trying to avoid poison, since we have dogs who are not the brightest, and a three year old.

I tried to set the old school snapper mouse traps. To say I nearly lost several fingers is an understatement. I do not know how you are supposed to set those. They are SUPER sensitive. I might have PTSD now from them snapping and leaping from my hands as they tried to remove my fingers. I see them in my sleep, snapping at me in all their peanut butter smeared glory. I gave up before I was injured. I am pretty sure there was at least one mouse sitting around watching me and laughing.

Anyway, for the last week we have been watching and waiting. No meeces on the glue pads. No meeces in the Zapper. And then today I went down to start a mosaic project, and decided to check the Zapper, and ladies and gentleman, we have a winner. One little dead mouse. There was a moment of silence, a prayer to the mouse god, and then into the trash he/she went.

It has been reloaded with peanut butter and put back in place. If there are more mice, they will be caught and destroyed. Of course all of this could be avoided if they just stayed out of my house.


Dproudmama said...

'Tis the season to make a nest inside. Tra la. Have you ever tried the electric beeper things? They chirp at different levels for different sized critters. They keep chipmonks at bay at a place in the woods. But, that is REALLY loud chirp.

Wenderina said...

Cats, my dear, are the answer. I believe there is even a little mouse network that passes the word when a cat has been spotted and they stay away. Of course, the dogs may be none to pleased...

Audubon Ron said...

I have two cats. They’re all to each other, “Hey dude, you gonna kill that thing?” Other cat, “Me? No. That ain’t tuna.” The first cat, “Yeah, me neither. Those things scare me. Let’s see if we can get the dog to do it. Hey dog, you gonna kill that thing?” Dog, “Me? No. I’m waiting on some of last night’s chicken Tetrazzini.”

MidLifeMama said...

Mom: we have the beepy things. Even the pest control guy said they are useless. I won't put any in that are super beepy. I might kill myself. Wenderina: We had cats, they were useless with mice, much like Audobon Ron's example. Our schnauzers would lose their minds if we brought another cat into the house. Besides, a cat would have to live in the basement to be of any use with the mice. I will stick with the zapper.