Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thank you

It took me 39 years, one failed marriage and many many many attempts at other relationships to get to you. Once upon a time I had someone tell me that based on my lifeline on my palm, I would have to go through many relationships before I found the one that would last, and I guess they were right.

I wonder if I could go back and tell my younger self, the one who felt lonely when she had no one special in her life, or the one that cried for two weeks when that particular boyfriend broke up with her in her mid twenties that it just didn't matter, because the right guy was down the road a bit and totally worth the wait, would I tell her those things? Maybe the fact that she experienced that loneliness and pain and still survived to see another day and to hope for more in a relationship is what helped form me into the person I was when I met you. The one that was ready for a mature, healthy and non-angstfilled relationship. And would the younger me even care what the current me would have to say? Does youth ever listen to the voice of maturity?

I am so grateful I met you, and so grateful that when we met we were both in the same place in our lives. We were both done with marriages that hadn't worked out, both ready for each other. I had resisted going onto for months. Friends of mine had been on and experienced various levels of success and were encouraging me to try it out. I had to wait until I was ready. I had been fine being alone at first, because that was so much better than living daily with someone who had been so unhappy. Eventually I was ready to venture forth, and whether it was just coicedence or cosmic destiny, it was just the right time to be out there and catch your attention. All I had hoped for was a decent first date. I never expected to find a soulmate, but that is exactly what happened.

Thank you for picking me and contacting me via Match. Thank you for being a loving husband and caring father to our son. Thank you for always walking the dogs. I know our life has taken a few turns we didn't expect, but you have been there, supportive and loving and making me laugh the whole way.

Happy Anniversary Bob.


Dproudmama said...

You are both blessed and a blessing.

dubiousMa said... have no idea how "on time" this post is. I too have been in a series of really bad relationships...the last one horrible enough to change my entire life...I'm so ready for something that's a complete turnaround from what I'm used to and now realize that he'll find me...I will no longer look for him because I just end up finding crap. I'm confident he's out there and when the time is right, he'll show up. Thanks for this...and Happy Happy Anniversary.

MidLifeMama said...

Dear Dubious: You are most welcome! I spent 8 months not looking, not caring about looking, just being happy being me. Sometimes it takes a lot longer than you would like, but there is someone out there and you will find each other!

Oz said...

Happy anniversary to you both!

Blog Princess G said...

... and a great ad for :)