Tuesday, March 11, 2008

If a 16 month old could write....

What I imagine a journal entry would look like if Cooper could write:

7am...woke up hungry and with a very full diaper, but Dad resolved both issues without too much prodding from me. Plan for the day - in the ongoing effort to get a handle on the whole cause and effect relationship thing, I will implement several experiments today to determine the possible outcomes of various behaviors. These include but are not limited to making it as hard as possible for Mommy to put my coat on at the end of the day in day care, grab Mommy's arm with my legs when she is trying to put my clean diaper on and drop my sippy cup from the high chair 7ooo times in one meal.

6pm...had a good day at day care. Read 346 books, played with every toy 12 times, each, got to go to the big gym to run around with the toddlers. Outcomes on experiments - sippy cup dropping - no one likes it except for me. Hit one of the dogs on the head, that was an accident but may try to aim for him next time. Diaper/arm wrapping thing - makes Mommy very cranky and apparently makes it very hard to put the diaper on. May come in handy later. Won't utilize often. Coat experiment - very interesting results. First Mommy laughed, then she got a bit cranky, then she used her angry Mommy voice and ultimately used the fact that she outweighs me by a considerable amount to pin me to the ground and wrestle the coat on me. Side observation, Mommy does NOT like it when I whack her in the face with my hand. May try it again under different circumstances to determine if time and place make any difference.

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