Friday, March 14, 2008

Growing up sooooooooo fast

Kickin' it old school... My two computer nerds
New kicks!

It is so bizarre that my child is 16 months old. He is a little person now, not a baby. He is communicating with purpose. Not just crying, but interactively. It is amazing quite frankly. I was so proud when each of our dogs was officially house trained (Poncho so totally out did Gus in the genius-house-training department). The pride that I feel with each milestone Cooper reaches is something in the gagillion times more area. He is learning words we haven't even taught him. That happens with kids who spend a giant bulk of time with other people, i.e. teachers at school, I suppose. He is obsessed with steps, as all kids at this age are. And he knows exactly what to do on them. He boldly marches toward them in his tiny little red high top Converse sneakers, grabs that railing (at school they have one at his height and ours) and pulls his little self right up those stairs. I don't even have words to describe what I will probably feel the first day he gets on a school bus. Pride/fear/wooziness with a side of panic.

Cooper's father is a software engineer, consequently we have three working computers, and the desktop PC has two monitors. It might not be surprising that Cooper is obsessed with keyboards too. I took the picture you see with this blog of the Coop and the Bob doing their computer nerd thing.

And finally why will my child wear a baseball cap backwards, but not forward? Why does anyone for that matter? Isn't the point of the baseball cap to use the brim to keep the sun out of your eyes? When worn backwards the only thing it does effectively is give you a funky mark on your forhead from the band on the back of the hat.
Maybe some day someone will take a half decent picture of me and the Coop, and I will post that here. It might help if I learn photoshop so I can suck 20lbs off of me in any picture too. Having a baby over the age of 40 is a freaking miracle, but it has had its drawbacks. Combine that with being part hippopotomus apparently, and you get the idea.

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Susie said...

You Cooper is delicious. I am not just saying that. What a cute and wise looking babe. Also he looks just like papa. Sweet.