Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To Snerkle, perchance to swim...

This was a somewhat lazy and mostly uneventful holiday weekend. It began with a short overnight trip to visit Big Ma, also known as Sylvia, The Bob's mother. Since she lives in a small apartment, we stayed overnight in a hotel. One with a pool. Cooper is perfecting his swimming technique and in less than 48 hours he was in that pool 3 times.

But before we got there, we had to stop to say hello to this guy:

He hangs out at the state liquor store just over the line in New Hampshire. There is no tax on liquor in NH, so when one finds oneself in the neighborhood, one stops to procure some beverages.

While in Maine we finally got in a full game of put put.

Cooper cannot for the life of him stay standing during any kind of physical activity.

Is there some sort of diagnosis for this? Oh, being 4 years old you say? That is the official diagnosis? Fine.

Because we stayed in one room at the hotel, we ended up all going to bed rather early, after a final swim of course. This also meant that this face was in MY face, at the bright and cheerful hour of 5:30am:

Of course this meant we had 3 hours at least to kill before we could show up at Big Ma's apartment, since she does not rise early. What did we do, you ask. Well of course we went swimming, silly.

And upon our return to our own home, much more swimming took place. The pool is still too cold for The Bob's liking, at a whopping 65 degrees, but Cooper and I manage. Having a "snerkle" as Cooper calls it, helps immensely.

Snacks are always better with a Snerkle, which when deployed with the proper skill set, doubles as a voovoozela...


Meg at the Members Lounge said...

OK, where on earth is that statue in NH? We were Nashua residents for 12 yrs, I can't remember seeing that in all my liquor store visits!

Susan said...

My kids were the same way with pools. They would swim morning noon and night when given the opportunities.